Company Profile

K2 Companies (K2) is a real estate investment, development and consulting company. We specialize in acquiring cash-flow properties with great earning potential at bargain prices. We also act as property managers and prepare financial reports for properties held by our clients. K2 is registered and fulfills the requirements to operate from its base in Colorado.

The principals of K2 bring years of experience in the field of project development, management of real estate and property investments. We currently manage a diversity of assets comprising primarily of income real estate.

Our goal for our clients is long-term cash-flow.

Our extensive experience has shown that the real estate marketplace is steered by cyclical conditions that benefit the long-term investor. Long-term investors with the foresight to acquire bargain properties and maintain them over the long haul typically experience higher than average yields.

For many reasons (e.g., change of investment direction, unmanageable management, loss of energy in the project, significant life change, etc.) some owners are prompted to sell properties at below their market potential. K2 works to identify this type of property and ascertains that they currently perform adequately but can perform substantially better.

How is this accomplished at K2?

First we utilize key factors that uncover under-performing properties.

Second we define acceptable cash-flow objectives.

Third we work to accomplish and improve objectives.

With this three strategy approach we can sift through many opportunities in a defined marketplace. From this knowledge we work to uncover distressed financial situations that can lead to a win/win transaction for all parties.

Investments are fluid with many moving parts. K2 brings these parts together, offering our clients the benefit of years of experience, a proven system, and the collaboration of like-minded people all pursuing a common goal: seeing under-performing properties turned into long-term cash flow.

We are not tax advisors and do not offer securities nor act as security brokers.