Investment Theory

At K2 each completed investment reflects a carefully orchestrated chain of events. This chain of events identifies properties with hidden value when compared to our goal.

Our process seeks to:

1. Establish an objective: With pre-set goals, we can reach our market more quickly and effectively.

2. Establish a market: Based on our objective we develop our geographical and financial market.

3. Locate bargains: Using these methods we can efficiently search for under-performing properties.

4. Negotiate and structure the transaction: Once we have identified a property, skilled negotiation and discipline is paramount for a successful purchase.

5. Settle the transaction: Closing the deal takes skill honed over years of experience. Our principals continue to work at perfecting their techniques, having presided over more than 700 closings for themselves and their clients.

6. Manage the investment property: We bring a consistent, clear system of management to all our properties. A well-trained staff with the proper tools paves a smooth road to growth.

7. Dispose of the property: This is so often an overlooked and under-planned event. A long-term cash flow and a prudent reserve allow us to sell as intentionally as we purchase. We establish objectives and follow a pre-set plan in order to maximize profits.