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How to Win in Today’s Competitive Market
In today’s dynamic self-storage business environment, many inde- pendent owners are forced to compete with larger, better capital- ized and more sophisticated self-storage operators. Most owners consider the REITs to be the largest competitors in their markets, but we are now seeing the regional players and third-party management companies grow to a level that leaves the local independent operator with more skilled competitors than ever before.

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Moron-nomics the new policy increasing rates
Reagonomics, Clintonomics, Obamanomics, Bushonomics (1 and 2), Trumponomics, and the new Moronomics which has been embraced by both political parties. It seems like every party has their own economics plan whether is it trickle down or trickle up; economists continue to debate which policy works best. Regardless of your political affiliation, there is no clear winner and each prior economic plan has good and bad traits that can be effective when used properly. The advent of Moronomics has changed this dynamic! Inflation is not increasing rates; Moronomics is the culprit!

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Tax Law Changes Could Usher in New Challenges For Housing Market, Reinforce Renter Demand
Existing single-family home sales increased a modest 1 percent over 2017 as limited for-sale inventory kept the market from gaining traction. While many of the factors contributing to a restriction in sales velocity remain the same, changes to the tax code remove some of the incentives to homeownership, and anticipated interest rate increases this spring will bring additional challenges to the future of the housing market.
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Rising Wages Set the Stage for Economic Acceleration, Expanding Commercial Real Estate Demand
Labor market at turning point as wage growth hits recovery high. Meaningful wage growth has been a missing ingredient in the expansion for the past eight years. Yet now, with unemployment holding steady at 4.1 percent, employers are finally feeling the pressure to increase wage hikes to attract and maintain their human capital.
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Top 3 Colorado ski town investments 2018 & Telluride marries Vail?
Although the snow has been the worst in 60 years for many resorts, there is still plenty of snow up top and real estate continues to move forward. A big change was announced this week; Telluride is joining Vails Epic Pass and Aspen/KSI is rolling out the Ikon pass to rival Vail resorts. All this will impact any investments in Colorado mountain towns. What are the best Colorado ski town investment for 2018? Don’t worry my top picks for 2017 remain good picks as well.
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Market Monitor: The Tide is High
Many experts agree that the self-storage in- vestment market has reached the high-water mark, but for the rst time in my 20+ year real
estate career, the industry is seeing both operational headwinds and investment expansion. Over the last three weeks I have attended several self-storage invest- ment meetings. While it is unclear how the self-storage sector will perform in 2018, the majority of the large operators and self-storage REITS are predicting slow to moderate revenue growth in the 3-5% range. However, the biggest self-storage REIT, Public Storage, is not very bullish on its 2018 performance.
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